We all know that a plant can grow by seedlings or by cutting its stem or maybe by its own leaves. One of these is the process of layering, this is a very good way to make plants even better and grow more and more. It is a common process to make plants live longer or to make a new plant. The roots will grow to the stem being landed to the surface of the ground or by cutting a tree and then put another part of any tree to make a good combination. If the plant is a runner, it can grow another part to the stem and then you can cut and replant it to another pot or area. It is usually called the asexual way of reproduction in plants. Experts suggest this way if you wanted to have a healthy plant to reproduce. Researching about the proper way to cut and plant them will help you to produce a good result. Using the right tool and equipment will help you to make this easier and done in a right way. According to the Richboro tree service here are some useful step by step process and things needed.  

  1. In order for you to full perform your task, you have to secure the right tools to have for cutting and securing them. You can buy a complete kit of tools for this activity in the nearest vegetable and farming tool shop. The first step should be moistening the part of a peat moss by letting it stay in the water for approximately an hour to two.  
  1. Observe and check the stem of the plant that you wanted to use for your activity. Be sure that it is in the lower part of the nodes of the plant that you have selected. Remove the leaves in that part. 
  1. You need to use your scissor to cut the part of the stem that you have decided to use. You may use a knife as well if scissor is not available.  
  1. When you finish that process, you have to insert a toothpick or a very small stick to the cut area or to the wound part of the stem. This is to prevent from closing or having the healing process. Pour a small amount of a hormone for rooting. This is being use to immediately react with eh plant and quicker to generate the growth of the new roots.   
  1. By using a plastic wrapper or cellophane kindly and carefully wrap it. It is to help them to be protected from any harmful agents and natural things that may cause death to the plant. Don’t forget to add peat moss the area before you totally wrap it.  
  1. You need to wait for a couple of weeks before you may replant them. Just observe it and you will see roots coming out and growing there. If the roots are already visible, you may remove the plastic wrapper and cut the new root part from the stem and place them to the pot of soil to let them grow. This is just one of the simple ways to asexually reproduce plants by Richboro tree removal