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How to Buy a House

A house must be one of the biggest investments that you’ll ever make. As such, it’s only important that you do it right the first time. Homes are high ticket purchases that could directly affect you, your family, and your finances.

As such, you have to know and understand how to find the perfect home and finance it accordingly. Buying a house is not something that you decide on overnight. It takes proper planning and a lot of work unless of course, you have the money readily available and you’re paying in cash. Here are the things that you should do when buying homes:

1. Research

Find out where you’ll find the best real estate deals. Some look for homes for sale Farmington NM in newspapers, websites, and magazines. As a matter of fact, you should check everywhere there’s a real estate listing. Most of the properties in these listings come with complete information, such as the asking price, location, and size of the property.

When doing the research, you must also take note of how long the property has been in the market. You should also try to find out the trends of the real estate market in that particular area. Use these factors when making a decision.

2. Check your finances

If you intend to go to a lender to purchase the home that you want, then you have to find out how much you can possibly afford. Lenders want borrowers to purchase homes that don’t cost more than five times their yearly salary if they don’t have a lot of other debts to take care of. You also have to find a way to shoulder the 20% down payment required. To save you from the horrors of foreclosure, you have to buy a property that you can pay for easily throughout the entire length of the term.

3. Get pre-qualified for the loan

It’s important that you get pre-approved from the mortgage loan on the house that you possibly want to buy. This will give you an idea of how much you can spend. There’s a process that would prequalify you for a mortgage and it’s very much like applying for the actual loan. You need to submit all requirements to the bank, which usually include proofs of income and amounts of investments or savings that you have.

4. Talk to a real estate agent

While you can do things on your own, consulting with a real estate agent would make things easier for you. Real estate agents usually have a list of other properties that you might want to consider buying. They can also help you in every step of the home buying process.

5. Get the property inspected and appraised

Before you shell out your hard-earned dollars on the down payment of the property, it’s important that you know exactly what you’re getting. Property inspection allows you to find out if there are parts of the home that need to be repaired. Property appraisal, on the other hand, tells you the actual amount of the property in the market. All these would lead you to a more accurate decision regarding the home in the end.

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How to Avoid Moldy Appliances

Everyone wants a clean, bright, shiny and brand-new appliance. Taking clothes out of a dryer or filling a brand-new refrigerator can become very satisfying tasks when your appliances are brand-new. However, everyone knows that when time comes, these same tasks are not as good when you see mold forming along the edge of your dishwasher or inside your washing machine. It appears to defeat the whole purpose of cleaning when new appliances are moldy.  

As a matter of fact, it can be very hazardous to your health when mold spores begin to grow and accumulate. That is the reason why it is very essential to begin preventing mold from forming on your home appliances as early as possible upon delivery and you can do that with the help of a professional mold inspection NYC. There are some specific appliances which are infamous for inviting mold and trapping moisture. The following are some of the few ways which you can keep your appliances mold free and clean. 

Washing Machine 

When homeowners think of appliances with molds, they often consider the laundry room. The laundry room can actually be a thriving area for mold. It is primarily because mold forms from both a food-like source such as cellulose and dirt, or moisture. It is clear that a collection of unclean laundry left in your damp room for several days or even weeks, can inevitably give a mold a place to live. Regardless if you’ve a top loading washer or a front-loading washer, mold has some special areas where it can remain unseen. For top loading washers, you will find mold in the interior walls or drum. On the other hand, for front-loading washer, you may find mold thriving in the detergent drawer or in the creases of your door.  

Some Tips on How to Prevent Mold in the Laundry Room 

  1. Do laundry every now and then. Try not to let dirty or damp clothes stay for a long period of time in the hamper or on the floor.
  2. Dry clothes immediately.
  3. Keep the door or lid of your washer open right after every wash in order to allow drying out of clothes.
  4. Refer to the owner’s guidelines on how to clean out your washing machine regularly. Check the detergent drawers, drum, door creases clean and free of dirt at least once every month.


The dishwasher can actually be another site for mold. Just like your washing machine, your dishwasher also has corners, compartments as well as creases which food and moisture can hide. For example, the interior panels and silverware baskets can trap little pieces of food and most of the time go unnoticed. In addition to that, it can absolutely end up on your list of moldy appliances if you do not clean your dishwasher regularly. 

Some Tips on How to Keep Your Dishwasher Free of Mold 

  • Rinse dishes prior to loading in the dishwasher. When small pieces of food stay too long, mold can develop. 
  • Run the heat-dry function in order to eliminate the bacteria inside of your dishwasher at least every week. 


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